The Step-By-Step Building Process

So you have decided on a builder for your new home, you've found the perfect lot, the papers have been signed, and you're all set to go. So now what?  Below is a general guideline of the typical flow and process of building a new home. While it won't look exactly the same for every builder, this is the general step-by-step schedule that you need to follow in order to build your home in an efficient manner. Keep in mind that all of these items will be managed by your building company, but it can be helpful to know where you are at, where you're headed, and what may be too late or very expensive to change if you decide to modify something that has already been completed.
  1. Apply for building permit
  2. Stake the house on the lot
  3. Dig the basement
  4. Form and pour the concrete basement
  5. Backfill foundation
  6. Frame the house
  7. Plumbing rough-in
  8. Pour basement and garage floors
  9. Install duct work
  10. Install electrical wiring
  11. Apply roofing and front stone
  12. City inspections
  13. Insulation in walls
  14. Drywall
  15. Interior doors and window trimmed
  16. Cabinets installed
  17. Painter finishes interior and exterior
  18. Ceramic tile and other surfaces installed
  19. Fireplace veneer applied
  20. Plumbing ,heating ,and electrical finishes are done
  21. Yard grading ,landscape ,sprinkler system, and sod installed
  22. Flooring and carpet laid
  23. Punch list (items that need to be tweaked based on the final walk-through)
  24. Cleaning
  25. Close on the home and move in!