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Established in 2010, Build Omaha was started by Omaha area home builders searching for a way to support each other and the home building industry in a more significant manner. Originally named the Home Building Professionals of Greater Omaha, Build Omaha's purpose is to inform and simplify the home building process for the consumer, while also providing the necessary support for builders. With over 90 builder members, Build Omaha is a builder run group with over 100 associate members supporting mission to Build a Better Omaha.

Build Omaha has monthly member meetings and puts on three events throughout the year: the Build Omaha Show, the Spring Parade of Homes, and the Street of Dreams. If you would like more information about how to be involved in our group or events, please contact us.

Certified High Performance Homes

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A Certified High Performance Home is built by a HIGH QUALITY BUILDER that undergoes continuous training in climate zone specific building science, current best practices and the HERS INDEX. Certified High Performance Homes are DESIGNED to use at least 35% less energy than the average similar new home and 50% less energy than a similar existing home. In addition to using LESS ENERGY to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impacts, Certified High Performance Homes are built to have better air quality, durability and comfort.

Made up of Omaha area builders, vendors and suppliers, the Certified High Performance Home Program is developing the future for energy ratings in this region. Our mission is to provide a positive open environment for the new home construction industry in the Omaha metropolitan area. As a builder directed organization, we strive to work with all facets of the building industry from city halls, to suppliers, to subcontractors, to real estate agents & buyers, to government organizations, etc. By bringing these facets together we form a unified group to move us forward with this energy saving initiative. Please support our Certified Members and Sponsoring Partners, indicated by our checkmark logo. Icon chph check