How do I purchase a lot?

We had a great question come in to us recently and we received permission to share it with you all. Matt emailed with a question:

Matt: My wife and I would like to build a new home. We've found several lots and several developments that we're interested in, but don't know how to go about buying a lot. Would I need to first find a builder that we like, then find out which lots they have available? Or would I need to buy a lot myself, then choose a builder? Any help would be appreciated. 
Do you know if there is a map of lots for sale in the Omaha area?

Build Omaha: Great question!  Each development is different. Some sell every lot to a home builder before the roads even go in. These are called builder-attached lots. Other developments have lots open for anyone to purchase, which they may advertise as having lots NOT builder-attached. The best option would be for you to choose a builder and then ask them what lots they have available in that development. If you find a lot you would really like, but it is owned by a builder other than the builder you would like to go with, then your builder can sometimes trade lots with them to still get you that lot. So, yes, find lots you prefer, but first look around for builders and see who you would like to build with and they can usually help you get a lot you are satisfied with. 

As far as a map of available lots, the closest thing to that is on our website. It does not have everything available listed, but it is the best out there. The most up to date list of lots available can sometimes be found on a developers website, if you are able to track down who developed the neighborhood. Usually it is posted on signs at the entrances to the development.

Thanks, Matt, for your question!  If YOU have questions about the building industry and new homes in Omaha, please contact us.