How to Make the Building Process Run Smooth

Deciding to build a home is not a small decision by any means but with proper planning and realistic expectations you can smooth out the building process nicely! Below are some tips to help making the building process go a lot easier! 

Tip #1 - Set a realistic budget: Make a list of all of the costs involved in the building project; this includes the construction, materials, building fees, property tax, purchase of land, design and engineering fees, interior design, home warranty insurance and landscaping.You will get a more accurate idea of the total cost involved once you’ve received quotes from several design professionals and builders. Always have good communication with  the builder of your choosing to make sure you are on the same page as far as the budget thru the building process. 

Tip #2 - Where are you looking to live. There are a lot of factors in deciding where to build your new home, whether its your commute to work, schools or entertainment around the area! Build Omaha provides a great way to start your search for different neighborhoods in the Omaha area. You are able to search the price range of homes in the area along with the different lot sizes!

Tip #3 - Research home builders. There is an overwhelming amount of builders in the Omaha area so how can you choose the right one for you? To get started take a look at Build Omaha's Find a Builder page with over 50 builders to choose from! Once you have reached the page you are able to narrow down the list of builders through price range and how many years of experience. From there you are able to read a little bit about each builder. If you have found a couple builders in the area that interest you, click select and send them a message about what you are looking for! 

Tip #4 - Understanding the process. When you have selected your builder, it’s their job to explain the custom home building process to you. It may not seem that crucial to understand the process, but it really is. Every home builder does things a little differently, so it helps to know what’s going to happen before it happens. During this conversation, the builder should walk you through operations, costs, and timelines. It’s up to you to ask any questions you may have about the process.

Tip #5 - Have realistic expectations. Try to be realistic about the building process. There are a lot of trades and suppliers involved in the program of the build, and from time to time things won’t go to plan. It might be that the required trades have been delayed at another project or that the required materials have not been delivered.Changing the orders for your custom home builder during construction can cost you both time and money that you don’t want to lose – planning out the details of your new home before construction begins will save you a lot of frustration!Smaller details, such as finishes, can be changed without too much trouble, but the major decisions of your custom home build should be nailed down and made clear to your building team from the start. A strong relationship with your builder is important so you can comfortably voice your concerns or opinions. Don’t assume that everything is going to plan. Check in from time to time to see how construction is going.

Once you've narrowed down your list of builders, style and price range take some time to tour builder models and actual customer homes from that builder. A  tour will give you a better understanding of your likes and dislikes for certain features and design styles of your future home. Another option is to visit a local Parade of Homes. Build Omaha's Spring Parade of Homes almost here with 3 weekends to choose from  April 21st - May 7th!