Geothermal Just Became More Affordable

There was good news recently for those considering using geothermal units in their homes. The savings can be rather significant and Lars with Nebcon Inc. let wrote this below to help us understand why.

"For several years the City of Omaha has required geothermal drillers to use a Union Steamfitter to hook up geothermal closed loops outside and inside of the house.  Nebcon, Inc. has worked with the State of Nebraska and Mayor Stothert to end what we called a restraint of trade.  The geothermal drillers according State statute 178 are required to hook up the piping according to the states guidelines.  The City said that was not the case and we had to follow their codes causing high prices for loop fields and conflict between the State,  city and us, drillers.  It also caused builders to be reluctant to pass that cost on to the consumer thus slowing down the geothermal market.  As of January the Code in Omaha now matches the State law and builders can now quote geothermal on a regular basis without adding extra cost and/ or problems with permits and inspections."  - Lars Clang, Nebcon, Inc.

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